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Herriott Grace Hi! I'll be back here soon with a new recipe or two and our annual birthday giveaway! Plus, we'll be updating the shop in time for the holidays. Stay tuned, there are lots of new and exciting items (here are a couple, one & two)! xo, N   ___shop news this bowl is available and it's beautiful many of sue's dishes are back in stock we've added a set of tea towels and new one of a kind items are coming soon     ___links i'd like to go truffle hunting in france i'm dreaming about a trip to vietnam this winter i got the plate in the photo at mociun and finally, this is interesting article             Herriott Grace PHOTOS: Nikole Herriott

a shop preview

Herriott Grace We're updating the Herriott Grace Shop on Wednesday October 29th at 6pm EDT! For now, find our ongoing and almost always available items here. See you then! xo, N   Herriott Grace     Herriott Grace PHOTOS: Nikole Herriott

around the studio

Herriott Grace Hi! Stay tuned for a shop preview tomorrow and an update early this week. In the meantime, sign up to our newsletter here
and follow along on instagram here . xo, N   Herriott Grace     Herriott Grace PHOTOS: Nikole Herriott

ombré spoons

Herriott Grace My dad has been sending boxes with spoons and while I didn't ask him, I'm sure that the ombré happened by accident. Also, I love when you can tell which spoons came from the same tree.       |||||| Rise and Shine I'd like to go here Pumpkins by the truckload Sarah Kersten's kickstarter This skirt looks nice This clever from Heidi's shop These interiors We're updating the shop again soon, join the list here Maple syrup, pouring bowls & wild tea are back in stock I like this photo Arden took and I'd also like to move to Paris xo, N PHOTO: Nikole Herriott

around the studio

HERRIOTTGRACE-AS-2 We’re back to work at the studio.
My dad has started to send boxes again and we’re slowly getting ready for the holidays.
That said, I’m not sure how it’s October already—
I’m still working on folders from July.       Also, young coconuts are amazing. And I've started to cook from Tara's forthcoming book, also amazing. More soon, N       HERRIOTTGRACE-AS-3         HERRIOTTGRACE-AS-4                         HERRIOTTGRACE-AS-1 PHOTOS: Nikole Herriott