HG | Rhubarb Pie We took a few days off recently and went to our family cabin on Qualicum Beach. We drank piña coladas, ate oysters and kind of lazed around in the sun. It was surprisingly hot when we were there, weather I feel like I haven't felt in BC since I was a kid.     I cut a pile of rhubarb from my parent's backyard before making the drive up island. I brought along the Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book (shot by the super talented Gentl & Hyers) for the task of making a rhubarb pie and was SO pleased with the result!     I love that the Elsen sisters suggest to freeze the chopped rhubarb and then thaw and drain before making the pie. Such a great tip to get a little extra juice to drain from the stalks. It's late in the season for rhubarb I'm told, but there was no shortage at my parents place.     I noticed only afterward that the recipe is quite similar to the one Jen Causey made for my, For the Love of Pie series back in 2012, also by the Elsen sisters, but I'm including the recipe here  just because I think it's worth mentioning again. And if you don't have it already, go buy the book, it's great. xo, N     HG | Rhubarb Pie   HG | Rhubarb Pie                 HG | Rhubarb Pie   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:24] HG | Rhubarb Pie       I can't wait for this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Tara's book. Michael and I shot the new Bon Appétit Cover, find it on newsstands now! This place looks amazing. The design and photos in this story from the current print issue of Afar Magazine are beautiful. Michael snapped this in NYC the other day, I love it. This place looks nice. And we updated the shop last week, have a look. Photos: Nikole Herriott             HG | Rhubarb Pie