HG | Whole Larder Love I often miss the quiet of the country. The ease and grace at which it feels life happens. The way a days work outside can make you feel.     The way carrots and dirt smell. And the way the barnyard comes to life nearing spring.   Don't get me wrong, it's been some time since I lived on farm. A long time since I mucked a stall or fed animals at dawn. A long time since roosters broke my sleep. But even still, there are some days I miss it.   In part though, these are the reasons I began following Rohan's blog. If a place on the internet can make you feel even a fraction of what the wild and the farm can, Whole Larder Love is the place.       And so, with the first savoury pie in my FOR THE LOVE OF PIE series, Rohan Anderson and his TWO DAY KANGAROO PIE! Rohan is an author, (his book, Whole Larder Love is available now at Anthropologie) he is a hunter, a family man and an all-round talented dude. Find more about him and his recipe below. xo, N photos: rohan anderson HG | Whole Larder Love   WHO: Rohan Anderson of Whole Larder Love WHAT: Two Day Kangaroo Pie with Dunking Chips WHERE: Currently living in rural Victoria, Australia in the Central Highlands. I really hope to stay here for sometime, but life is never predictable. I lived my childhood in the country, but then moved to the city, tired of that lifestyle and just had to get back out where I felt at home. Meat pies are almost the cornerstone of the Australian male diet, a staple if you will. For me though they are a treat, something that I prefer to make myself, in fact I even source the meat with these two hands. I hunt for my meat, and kangaroo is sometimes available, it makes a fresh change from eating rabbit or hare. For most people it's a meat that can be purchased at a butcher. It's a great red meat in terms of it's environmental credentials as it's evolved to live in tune with it's environment. When the season is poor and the resources are limited a kangaroo pauses it's breeding until conditions improve. A female kangaroo can even halt or discharge a pregnancy if things get tough, it's a harsh country after all. In regards to flavor, it's a cracker. Tasting not dissimilar to beef, although cooking it requires more attention than a beef steak, but if you can't get kangaroo you could use chuck steak. This is a pie to fill the rumbling tummies on a bleak day. When the fire is roaring, Chet Barker on the stereo and glass or two of pinot. It not only quenches an appetite, it has a comforting effect on the soul.     HG | Whole Larder Love   WHY: Wile meat is on my menu at home because I hunt all my meat excluding our home raised poultry. I left buying food behind as I did the city. Now I work harder for my meat, as as cliche as it may appear, it is true that a meal you've worked hard for by sourcing the ingredients yourself, pays dividends in the satisfaction department.   BEST SERVED WITH: Pinot Noir and good company. And plenty of both.     HG | Whole Larder Love     ONE OR TWO THINGS: I love the simple life. It's been a long journey to live with less, but each day I seem to find one thing to make me smile. I have very little money, not real material 'assets' but I'm content. I find love in useful items, tools and skills that can benefit my D.I.Y. approach to living. My family, my home, my garden and my love of cooking with real food. It's all I desire.     HG | Rohan Anderson   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:7] photos + recipe: rohan anderson           bloglovin <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3285571/?claim=8vqfugvhtj6">Bloglovin</a>