HG | forty-sixth at grace | sticky toffee pudding   It's been a while. Hello, happy belated 2013. I hope its start has been good to you.     Things are great here. We're officially into our new studio and while it's still piled high with boxes it's pretty great.   The sink is on the floor and there is tape on the walls where the kitchen goes. I bought a dead stock faucet that makes my heart sing and I've been looking at ranges for quite some time now. I'm kinda almost (but not quite) speechless about how it all makes me feel. It's just a space, but it's exciting nonetheless.     Anyway, I've got lots more to tell you but first things first, our birthday winner is KATHLEEN B! Kathleen, please email us your contact details & we'll pop your package in the post!     And if you're wondering about the photos. I made sticky toffee pudding countless times in 2012. And one day, Michael and I decided to shoot our favourite, Jamie Oliver's. It's sweet but not overly so and perfect served with unsweetened whipped cream alongside. Also, I really love that it calls for Ovaltine.     For my version I add a little salt and vanilla to the mix. I also skip the toffee sauce and replace with a dark golden caramel. Plus, these photos show the dates a little chunky, but they're best puréed a little more.   HG | forty-sixth at grace | sticky toffee pudding   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:2]       xo, N. HG | forty-sixth at grace | sticky toffee pudding Photos: Michael Graydon Styling: Nikole Herriott